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My focus is on supporting individuals who want to prevent or reverse chronic diseases by identifying and addressing the underlying cause of their symptoms. My goal is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to take control of their own health and well-being. Working on the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases involves a comprehensive approach that goes beyond merely treating visible symptoms.

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2021 - 2023

I worked


A method to transform your health from the root cause, while listening to the message of the symptom. It's possible to prevent 80% of chronic diseases by making lifestyle changes, even if you're afraid of a family illness, especially if you've been caught off guard by a fatalistic diagnosis and want to start your healing journey with personal responsibility.

2016 - 2021


BWorkplace offers exclusive spaces tailored to the needs of your company and start-ups. Our smart offices are strategically located for your business, with all services included on a single invoice.

Our approach is to steer the business center in line with its mission and vision, focusing on delivering a family-like service.

We carry out the following actions:

  • Monitor compliance with applicable legal standards.

  • Sign documents for representation in contractual obligations.

  • Regularly review and update business center rates through ongoing benchmarking with competitors.

  • Document corporate processes in ISO 9000-like formats.

  • Convene various committees, assess task completion, and track their functionality and efficiency.

  • Review and ensure compliance with requirements and reports that must be submitted to various regulatory bodies, both public and private.

  • Develop improvement plans based on findings from audits, committees, document reviews, process documentation, and legal requirements.

  • Evaluate user satisfaction, respond to complaints, track claims, conduct and review surveys, propose improvement actions, and monitor their implementation.

2014 - 2016


  • Diagnosing wellness opportunities in corporate clients.

  • Conducting group and individual coaching sessions.

  • Facilitating wellness programs with applied NLP in emotional management sales, customer service, and leadership.

  • Assisting the organization in becoming more productive and reducing absenteeism.

  • Client follow-up and conducting surveys.

Collaboration, Communication, Project Management, Creativity, Common sense

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